Midnight Feast offers the following half day / full day skill development workshops for persons with a wide range of disabilities :


  • acting for theatre and film

  • voice and vocal 

  • dance and movement 

  • script writing 

  • performance and production 


We provide a unique opportunity for performers with disabilities and able bodied performers to take on equal roles in fully integrated dramatic arts performances and production workshops. We hope to be advocates for change in the industry whereby actors with disabilities take the role of a disabled person in a TV show, film or theatre rather than an able bodied performer acting disabled.


In addition, we offer services across multiple community layers:


  • Corporate Workshops 

  • Consultation services to other theatre companies in ways to develop inclusivity practises which promote the unique talents of performers with disabilities.

  • Job ready training in all aspects of performing arts from writing, through production and performance.

  • Support to performance venues on how best to enable access, ease of movement and comfort for performers and individuals with disabilities.

  • Family support and a sense of community for those dealing with newly diagnosed disabilities.