Founder and Artistic Director

2018 AMP Tomorrow Fund Award Recipient "Kylie Harris" is the Founder and Artistic director of Midnight Feast Theatre; An INDEPENDENT, Inclusive, not-for-profit Theatre Company creating opportunities for people identifying with physical & intellectual challenges to participate in the performing arts and celebrates abilities not limitations.

Immersed in the entertainment industry as a performing arts professional for over 23 years as a singer, actor and writer, Kylie is a graduate of Actors Centre Australia. 

Kylie has achieved the first ever 'Theatre in Residence' at Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (N.I.D.A.) under the auspice of Dr Steve Sewell. (Senior Lecturer and Course Leader Writing for Performance, Stephen is one of Australia’s most celebrated and experienced writers)

Midnight Feast's annual Sydney Opera House performance is a national display of the good and important work Kylie's Independent Theatre company achieves.


The production is all about connections, exploring humanity in all its diversity, challenging assumptions and discovering the power of a small act of kindness.



Paul Harris is a founding Director of Midnight Feast and describes himself as having a “passion for people”. A high school maths teacher with 20 years experience, Paul has held school leadership positions and most recently has worked with troubled teenagers who have disengaged with their education. Paul is currently a corporate trainer and formator in the education sector and previously held a similar position with one of Australia’s leading Travel agencies. Paul’s strong sense of community spirit and social justice extends to a lifetime involvement in community organisations including surf and swimming clubs, the St Vincent de Paul Society’s Night Patrol and has an active and ongoing involvement with his local parish church. Paul has long been an advocate in the LGBTQ community supporting those searching to reconcile with their faith and sexuality. Paul is inspired by the stories of the Midnight Feast actors and the opportunities that Midnight Feast is providing to the actors, their families and to the wider community.


Company Secretary

Nicole Arathoon is the Curriculum Coordinator and on the Executive leadership team at a special needs high school for adolescents who are 'at risk' as they are unable to access mainstream education due to their challenging behavioural, social, emotional and academic needs. Her strengths lie in curriculum development and producing authentic and effective programmes which support the needs of the individual learner in a differentiated classroom. Nicole has a passion for the vulnerable and marginalised having lived and worked in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for many years in The Kimberley and Thursday Island supporting children and youth in their ability to access the curriculum in meaningful and creative ways. She is also the coordinator of a government subsidised program for Indigenous and disadvantaged children and their families in a predominantly low socio economic area of Sydney providing necessary support during school holidays. Nicole has dedicated many years to volunteering in schools in developing countries supporting children and youth with complex emotional and physical disabilities in Zambia, East Timor, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. Nicole is passionate and committed to enhancing the societal profile of the actors in Midnight Feast ensuring their needs are met in a morally sound and ethical manner and their voices are heard.


Warren Mockler is the father of Robert, one of the actors of the theatre company - Midnight Feast- theatre that unites and the husband of Mary Mockler one of its patrons.

He and Mary have been engaged with organisations for people living with disability and the disability community for over 30 years.

Furthermore Warren has supported Mary and Robert in their contribution to the evolution of the NDIS.


Warren holds a degree in Applied Science from the University of NSW and has worked as a metallurgical engineer within mining companies and steel producing companies and more lately in the aluminium smelting industry. His work has taken him around the world and moved him into the commercial sphere of developing metallurgical technologies.

Warren is a retired company director and brings to Midnight Feast his experience in business and corporate management.


His 35 years as the parent and carer of a severely disabled son has made him very aware of the many challenges involved in providing a rewarding lifestyle for his son and his contemporaries.

Warren believes that Midnight Feast provides great opportunities for people like Robert to tell their stories and engage the wider community into acceptance of diversity. He has therefore provided background support for many years and looks forward to continuing his support into the future.

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