Midnight Feast offers professional training for people with disabilities in acting, writing and communication. Our classes are facilitated by both disabled and able-bodied artists and can help you achieve your performance goals and learn new skills.


Acting: An Introduction (Online) (6 Weeks)

Starting Febraury 2022


This Midnight Feast introductory Acting course is designed to help actors develop confidence and introduce them to the fundamental skills of an action-based acting technique. Work with Midnight Feast tutors to connect to your playfulness, be present and in the moment, and learn to create character. This fully online course is designed for beginners, or actors who have been away from performance for a while and wanting to get back into actor training.


What can I expect to take away?


  • An awareness of your vocal and physical presence online, and techniques to enhance that presence.

  • An understanding of the physical and imaginative tools of the actor.

  • Ability to engage imaginatively with simple texts.

  • Understanding of the basics of the acting technique used at Midnight Feast.

Confidence in Communication (Online) (3 weeks)

Starting February 2022


The Midnight Feast Confidence in Communication course is designed to help you develop a series of techniques to meet a range of work-related online communication scenarios. Explore the techniques that actors and directors employ to communicate with confidence, respond in the moment, and engage your audience. Each class is divided into three sections: Body, Voice, and Practical Scenarios, providing a supportive, interactive and optimal learning environment for each student, flexible and relevant for different styles of communication. This is a skills course facilitated by two tutors for up to 12 participants and delivered via Zoom.


What can I expect to take away?


  • An awareness of your vocal and physical presence online, and techniques to enhance that presence.

  • An ability to respond to challenging scenarios ‘in the moment’

  • Strategies to manage interpersonal communications with individuals and groups

  • Techniques to engage and build rapport with your audience

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Screenwriting: Essentials (Online) (6 weeks)

Starting February 2022

Identify the components of storytelling for the screen, and develop the essential skills and craft required to write a short script. Work alongside experience Midnight Feast writers and industry professionals, building techniques to utilise scene construction, genre, character and dialogue. No experience required!


What can I expect to take away?


  • Discover the principles of screenwriting with an industry professional.

  • Develop techniques for the construction of scenes, engaging characterisation, screenplay structure and dialogue.

  • Identification of the defining features of dramatic screenplays.